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Contract Address: 0xAE66d00496Aaa25418f829140BB259163c06986E

Taking advantage of the innovative technology capabilities provided by blockchain, we will be the value entrance of internet 2.0

Our commitments are to remove financial barriers, lower the cost of finance service and connect each individual, family, business institution and financial service provider.

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We can provide a full range of financial services

By using 58 wallet, users can gain access to the whole world through their phones: digital ID management, asset management, mobile payment, ICO investment and financial service.
1.Convenient wallet management

Fully visualized and one-click management function has been included in our wallet so as to facilitate users to manage multi-currency wallet, like transfer or mobile payment.

2.Multi-currency and diverse asset management

Managing diverse assets in different blockchain, such as ETH, BTC, LTC and BCH etc.

3.Easy access to virtual currency market.

Viewing virtual currency market with ease. Setting reminders to get latest news. Supporting users to manage assets and virtual currencies in exchange chosen by their own

4.Convenient wallet management
  • We provide visualized and one button management, convenient users to manage wallet, payment, transfer and other operations.

5.Multi currency and multi asset management
  • Achieve multiple asset management for different block chains, including of ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH and so on.

6.Virtual currency market view

  • Virtual currency view function, which can check all of currencies. Users also can choose their commonly used trading platform market. We will add more for users to easily manage their own virtual currency.

7. Trading

58wallet Function

*Multi-currency support

58Wallet supports all kinds of ERC20 tokens and main virtual currencies, like BTC and LTC. Our next plan is to support all top 50 virtual currencies in terms of market cap in near future.

*Asset security

By applying various encryption technologies, 58wallet achieves a high level of security of all business processes. In the future, we aim to support finger ID and face ID to further enhance security.

*Friendly user experience

58Wallet is a new generation of virtual currency terminal. The design fully considers the features and requirements of the virtual currency business. It is well designed in the fields of account management, currency management, operation flow, payment transfer, etc. Providing one-stop management services.

*Business-friendly platform

58Wallet is more than a simple mobile App. We regard it as a virtual currency entrance and platform. We will focus on improving capability of platform, which attracts more business partners in return to gradually form a virtuous cycle within our blockchain ecosystem.


We analyze and introduce the virtual currency from multiple perspectives to make users more thorough.

*Real-time information information

We are always concerned about the relevant areas of the blockchain and bring valuable information to push users, and several channels are free to subscribe.

*The whole network price trend

We have provided price trend charts for thousands of virtual currencies, and K charts for mainstream exchanges.Download 58wallet app

The role of SW token in system

->In order to exchange value and provide service, we employ SW token for pricing and payment in 58 wallet. As a virtual currency, SW token can be purchased and used for payment in phone without any difficulty.

->A standard pricing of goods and service

->All goods and service will be assessed and pricing uniformly by SW token in 58Wallet. This action will form a reasonable market price and help customers to compare them and eventually build a value ecosystem.

->A unified payment method in system

->Based on uniform pricing, SW is the main payment method within the system. Through the diversified and personalized functions, 58wallet can greatly improve user experience and low transaction fee in different scenarios, like payment, consumption and transaction.

Road map

The development of 58Wallet has been through 3 major iteration cycles, including Ethereum version, multi-currency version and market version. In the next, we shall keep updating our app and developing more functions to meet our clients’ need.Product Log

Team Members

1.Paolo Tasca

Team Leader

2.Guangbo Zhang

Operation Leader


Security Architect

4.Sean Li

Business Director

Production Manager

5.Qinfeng Shi

Contract Developer


Backend Architect

7.Zhenhua Zhang

Blockchain Developer

8.Bei Wan

FrontEnd Architect

9.Xiaohui Chen

Application Developer

10.Lianhong hou

BackEnd Engineer

11.Xu Zou

UI/UE Designer

12.Yangxian Wang

UI/UE Designer


1.Stephen Yang

Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute Chairman


Founder and CEO of ADVANCED TECH Company(HIBA)EMBA


Bachelor in Civil Engineer ,MBA from IMF Business School


MBA from IE in Madrid and doctoral courses at the Polytechnic University of Madrid

5.Zhi Wang

Head of Economic and Trade Promotion Bureau, Government of Berne, Switzerland

6.Jian Wu

Norwegian Embassy Commercial Department, Norwegian Innovation Agency Senior Business Consultant

7.Longguo Cui

Doctor of Korea University.South Korea’s senior investor in virtual currency (2011 to present)

8.Xiaohui Yang

Vice President of the US-China Higher Education Association, to assist the Chinese Consulate General in New York

9.Aaron Tsai

Master Capital of the United States MASCapital, the famous American Chinese investment banker

10.Barter Woo

The famous American overseas Chinese leader, the famous social activist, the successful entrepreneur

11.Joe Zhou

Fudan University Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Physics, Master of Physics, City University of New York.

12.Tina Mars

General Chief Secretary of Huashang Youth Business Leaders Association


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  • *WOGC
  • *EEA
  • *Hyperledger
  • *Accenture
  • *CME Group
  • *Intel
  • *J.P.Morgan
  • *AlphaPoint
  • *BBVA
  • *Clause
  • *Deloitte
  • *EY
  • *Wipro
  • *Tecnalia
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